Ficifolia St….The beginnings of a series

Although there is an overall theme to most of my imagery I have not landed on a suitable subject that I really want to explore in a number of related images…until now.

Very early on I produced an image called the Gumnut House, and it was a comment by a respected friend who suggested I use one image as the springboard for a series…so that is the one.

This will be a series exploring quintessential Australian homes that we recognise from growing up in this diverse country of ours. Not always “real” but the homes that spring from our imaginations, like the beach shack or the suburban white picket fence.





The first one I have finished is a whimsical manifestation of a house I walked past as a child. It was dark and mysterious with lots of steps, columns and a very dark garden, towering over and dominating the street, and little me as I hastened past. It made me wonder who the scary person was who lived there, it always seemed like a place of dark magic and my pace would quicken, hoping no-one would see my tiny scared face peering in. As I grew up this place had strong reminders for me of Miss Havisham’s house of Dickens fame. Although the house still exists, it is not so scary now as an adult but it still makes those feelings rise to the surface and create pulse quickening memories of the impression I had of this place and the tangible fear it embodied for me. The image is titled No. 13 Ficifolia St…the botanist and gardeners will, I hope, recognise why. The landscape was shot at the Blue Tier NE Tasmania. All parts of the image are derived from my own photographs.

Keep watching the website or join me on facebook to see more parts of this series as they evolve.