Miles from Anywhere

4 new images just delivered to Gallery Salamanca, these are a bit smaller than my usual with an overall size of 725 x 570 mm. They make a really nice set or are available for purchase individually. So happy with how they look thanks to the expert printing at Fullgamut and superb framing from Art Poster



Night Bathing (Left) and Tea by the Sea (Right)


Old Money (Left) and Networking (Right)

The series "Miles from Anywhere" explores the differences between being along and loneliness. Being alone is finding a sense of freedom in isolation. There is a certain fabulousness in being alone, enjoying your own company. Loneliness on the other hand, creates an ache deep within us. Loneliness is the isolation created by unrequited needs.

The series depict homes where somebody is more than likely to be living there, but exactly who is not always evident. It is also not obvious why these solitary out of the way places, miles from anywhere in particular appear to be inhabited. What is evident is that something is going on, something is about to happen but what is not entirely clear.

Night Bathing is an isolated and private residence where bathing outside is not an unusual thing to do.  But something is about to happen, is something is lurking in the long grasses about disturb the peace and tranquillity of a long hot relaxing bath, something that is not quite visible yet. 

Tea by the Sea is a relaxing and serene place to be, where sitting outside with a cup of tea enjoying the sea air.  But something is about to happen, is someone about to come out of the house and disturb the peace, or will something happen out to sea, something that is not quite visible yet. 

Old Money is private residence in the historic township of Richmond in southern Tasmania. It represents the gentry of colonial Van Dieman’s Land where money, old money gave great status and responsibility in the community.  In convict and colonial times having money though was also dangerous, you could be “set upon” by highwaymen or rabble raisers.  Richmond would have been a long way from the main township of Hobart, a long and dangerous journey. 

Networking is an unnamed building in Echuca, South Australia.  The building is the only one around but it’s closed therefore communications are cut off.  We must resort to old fashioned methods of communicating…the lighthouse signal? The postal service? But something is not quite right, the  dog is not at all settled and is intrigued with the post box

The stage is set, the actors are nowhere to be seen, but something is definitely about to happen. What is it?  You are invited to step onto the set and write the story from this point on.